The Whispering

The Whispering is a fantasy adventure and the beginning of a new series.  Here's a hint.

A newly-married couple with five children between them move into the only house they can find large enough for their family.  The house is old, falling apart in some places, and nearly abandoned.

Guess what happens next....

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Elizabeth’s idea of a good time: an old house at midnight and a flashlight for her guide.
But Elizabeth bumps into a few problems.  First, she must bring her sibs along to prevent their tattling.  Second, there are four of them (that’s right—four).  And, third, Elizabeth barely knows the little ones, who are just steps, after all.  Although she keeps the children quiet enough to elude Daddy and Louise (she will never call that woman her mother), Elizabeth fares worse with the angels she thought were made of stone….
 Elizabeth ushers the children through a dark doorway, escaping danger.  But that wasn’t a door, and, now, her siblings aren’t children.  And no one remembers their parents—except her.  Alone with her worry as the separated siblings enjoy a heroes’ welcome in a new world, Elizabeth grows concerned that her sisters and brother do not understand what is expected.  She perceives political bickering in a world that, despite its exotic beauty and temptations, needs saving only from itself.
To find her way back, Elizabeth must discover the secret behind her arrival in this place.  Is there more to her “family” than a mismatched bunch of other families’ cast-offs?  Will Elizabeth let compassion guide her through the brewing dissention toward a reunion with those she loves?  Through it all, Elizabeth cares for just one thing: bringing her family home.
The Whispering challenges traditional parentless-sibling-fantasy-adventures.  The novel explores the quest for meaning as young people struggle with the definition of “family” in a world that seldom strives to put their interests first.  The Whispering expresses the timeless need for love in the search for self and helps us remember why compassion is at the heart of what it means to belong.

photo credit: Rob Byron/shutterstock

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