The Legacy Series

Open Door
By Christine Locke

Book Description:


It's 1987, and 16-year-old Carin White desperately needs her first job.  An elegant woman she's never met appears at her door offering employment.  "Aunt" Helen asks Carin to work for her on the family's rambling, enigmatic estate in the tiny resort town of Eureka Springs.


Carin takes little notice of Rafe Allen, Helen's other hired help.  But a brutal assault forces Carin to confront her own capacity for violence.  Carin learns her mother concealed her identity from her, and the mansion hides horrific secrets of its own.


Carin exposes the truth about her presence on the estate.  Will she be strong enough to recognize love and redeem her family legacy?  Or will the temptations of power and control lure her to the same dark places where others lost themselves?

Reader Reviews:

"I loved this book.  The magic of the house was charming.  The Mallace family may or may not have multiple members.  No-one is exactly certain… but you’ll have to read the book to find out why that is.  Anne Mallace leaves her attorney Matthew a cryptic note on the night she dies. 

I give this book 4.5 out of 5 clouds."  Mindy Wall

"I loved this book because it grabbed your attention right from the first page and drew you into the mystery of the house. I could easily envision the setting of the Mallace estate in lovely Eureka Springs. That city has always captured my imagination. It isn't difficult to become absorbed in this incredible story where the house is as much a character as the people. You'll keep reading just to know what happens to Carin as her life becomes increasingly more complicated by the mystery surrounding her. There were surprises from the first chapter until the last page. This book is not meant for very young readers as it deals with some intense drama, but teens and adults alike should enjoy it." Heather Sutherlin
"I had great fun with this book. The author takes the reader on a developing path to a wild ending - an ending that leaves a world of future possibilities. I look forward to the next of this series. I most strongly recommend this book to one and all." by Bill
"As a young woman reconciles 16 years of placelessness with a new home that binds her, enigmas from her biological past become understood and new mysteries emerge and immerse her in a field of magic including spells, a ghost guide, shifting spaces, and intimations of time travel. _Open Door_ explores how an individual's mental power manipulates human dynamics and the environment--harmlessly or harmfully, depending upon the thinker. And with the setting and the characters and the plot, we're asked to find values inherent to moral integrity as well as to identify our complacency with imposed conceptions of reality as we step-by-step learn more about the trajectory of our lives: a path that may lead us far from where we began or ever believed we would be, again and again. Like other gothic fantasies, elements of horror and romance co-exist; here, young love and new trusts eventually triumph over the terror and violations of selfish people--but not without painful losses, uncomfortable challenges, and stunning revelations. Readers of many ages will enjoy this swift-paced, stylistically delicious, fun story ... and eagerly await its sequel." by Deshae Lott
"With each page I turned I wanted to know more! An innocent summer story transformed into an intriguing adventure. Detail were uncovered and well explained...except one and I am hoping the sequel is soon to come. I knew it was a wonderful read when I got to the last word and became disappointed that it was over! Thanks to my course instructor for letting us all know about his favorite author and this new release.....looking forward to more adventures." by Deb Delargy 

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"Remember only this: magic must be used. Magic grows over time, and its time must not be wasted. Never forget that." So warns Anna, the last witch of the Mallace family line.

Carin inherits Mallace Mansion only to learn her life there will not be what she expected. Magic grows, time slips, and Carin meets an enemy she never knew she had.

Carin's isolation grows as Griffin pulls away and darkness draws near. Then, Carin learns a secret Anne Mallace neglected to tell her.

At Mallace Mansion, ghosts may haunt young Carin, but she's learned to deal with them. To survive the Legacy, Carin finds she must make peace with her past. Trouble is, she's not sure she can do it.

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Out of Place, third and final installment in The Legacy Series

Coming 2015

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