Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Unlikely Inspiration, by Christine Locke

While signing up for a promotion package on Arkansas Authors, I quickly reviewed my author interview.  When asked what I'd like to do differently in my career, I expressed contentment with how things were going (they caught me on a good day!), but said I'd like to get back into teaching writing.

Something's licking my face: it's the four-year-old on my lap.  She's pretending to be a puppy while watching "Johnny Test" on my iPad.  Who am I kidding?  It's her iPad.

What I really meant was that I'd like to teach creative writing, although going back to teaching some kind of basic composition course would have been OK, too, I think.  But it doesn't matter, because guess what I got to do last November?  I got to teach NaNoWriMo's YWP program to a group of kids writing their first novels!  It was a great experience, not to mention fantastic motivation to write a ms of my own in 2014, which was a year full of all kinds of life interupptions that got in the way of my daily writing.

So now I'm teaching an advanced reading course based on the Book Riot Reading Challenge for 2015, and that's got my year off to a good start.  Who knew homeschooling would be the thing in my life that kept me writing in a year when I felt sure I'd have to give up?  Teaching these co-op classes has reminded me to read, read, read and write, write, write--now maybe I should teach one on social media and marketing!

Just kidding.

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