Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Writing on Wednesday: Setting the Scene for In Time by Christine Locke

What I'm Reading, Listening to, and Watching Right Now

Reading: Joan of Arc by Mark Twain
Here's my most embarrassing revelation for the week....  I may have known about this book at one time, but I don't think so.  How can a person graduate with and MA in Comparative Lit and Not know that Mark Twain wrote a historical novel about the teenage saint?  Especially embarrassing since it was his favorite among his own works.  I did not know that.  There's always something new to learn about your favorite authors.  This has crossover interest for me: my children are studying medieval times this year.

Twain is especially passionate about his subject, Joan of Arc.  Here are a few lines: 
As the years and the decades drifted by, and the spectacle of the marvellous child's meteor flight across the war-firmament of France and its extinction in the smoke-clouds of the stake receded deeper and deeper into the past and grew ever more strange and wonderful and divine and pathetic, I came to comprehend and recognize her at last for what she was--the most noble life that was ever born into this world save only One. --Mark Twain, Joan of Arc

Listening to: "Autumn" 
Open Door was set in summer, which worked well since I was prepping it for publication during the summer.  To set the mood in a different season for In Time, I grabbed a copy of this classical collection off iTunes for not too much.  It does the trick!

Watching: (sigh) "Murder She Wrote"
Having trouble finding somehting that's interesting enough that I want to keep playing it but not too distracting from the writing.  My fall back is, of course, "Murder She Wrote."  Are there any writers my age who don't stream that one?  Well, maybe you won't admit it, but you KNOW you do! When I was writing Open Door, I loved to stream "Dark Shadows" on Netflix, but they only have so many episodes, so I ran out.  Alas.

Since I'm sharing...I might as well tell you that the best episode, ever, was actually two: "Nan's Ghost," Parts I & II.  A trip to Ireland, an ornate castle, an elegant ghost and hidden treasure...this one has it all!


  1. Hi Christine. I used to write to music, but since I changed computers, I haven't had time or opportunity to find out how to play music on the new one.
    Fortunately, I usually have music playing in my head, whether I'm writing or not.
    I've never heard of anyone writing to a tv show. But whatever works!
    Home schooling four children and writing at the same time sounds like a real challenge. Good for you!

  2. I've heard other writers "confess" to writing with Murder She Wrote playing. I found it funny, since until then I thought it was only me!