Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tips Tuesday: Build Follower List & Share Your Favorites by Christine Locke

Things I've picked up on my newbie indi-publishing journey this fall:

1.  Instead of tweeting your books more and more often, grow your list of followers.  I could not understand why so many of my twitterfriends who were also writers would tweet their books so often.  I was tempted to do the same, so I even wrote a blog post swearing off the practice.  I still avoid shameless self-promotion on twitter.  However, last time I ran a free book promo on KDP, I did notice something new.  Tweeting the freebie a few times did increase downloads.  The difference?  I now have over 3,000 followers, and the last time I did that my follow list had maybe 900 people.  The best advice I can give for finding quality followers is that although it's fabulous to have other writers follow you (and you should always follow them back!) it's also important to look for potential followers who share interests that might draw them to your book.

2.  Soundtracks are cool!  Sharing your favorite movie and booklists is awesome, too!  Something that writers know about each other but readers don't always know about writers: we are story junkies.  I mean it.  We are glued to the page/tube/AMC ticketbooth, and yeah, we are a little ashamed to admit it.  We can't stop ourselves from figuring out where the story is going and thinking, "Aha! I knew it!"  when we are right and, "Oh, man, my ending was so much better!" when we are wrong.  We might not want to admit what we had streaming on Netflix while we wrote the closing scene to our latest novel, but that kind of information is pretty cool because it gives potential readers a window into our creative process.  And that, in a way, serves the same function as the "suggested items" box on amazon.  After all, if they like your music/video/book playlist, they might like what you wrote, too.

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