Saturday, October 27, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: The Ingenue by Christine Locke

This week, the gothic novel's ingenue takes center stage.  Sometimes, the (usually young) heroine has a male counterpart, who may or may not be her romantic interest, but will be young and innocent, like she is.

We don't meet Carin's counterpart right away in Open Door.  In fact, if you try to guess who it is after reading a chapter or two, you might be surprised!

For today's Six Sentence Sunday, meet our heroine, Carin, who knows very little about herself and her family--even less than she realizes.

     So they had not mattered to Carin, these quirks of her mother's.  Carin enjoyed a freedom the other kids at her schools did not.  She accepted there was something about her mother she would never understand.  But she failed to grasp, until now, that her mother's secrets were also her secrets.  "Our name isn't White, baby...." 
     Her mother wanted her to take the old photo album in the attic and hide it to protect their secret.

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