Sunday, September 9, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday by Christine Locke

My favorite element of the gothic novel: the setting is so unique and its description so compelling, it is itself a character in the gothic story.  Even my earliest ideas for Open Door gathered around the notion that Mallace Mansion would be as real and relevant to the tale as Carin herself.  Last time, I shared Matthew standing at the open front door of the mansion, nervous about going in.  Here's another snippet revealing a little more about my favorite character from Open Door:
'You, daughter of my sister's son, are the heir I named: Welcome home.'
Carin could show no surprise.  She could only smile at her friend in tenderness, for Anne smiled back, all burden lifted from her form and from her eyes.  Tears in them glistened as she spoke two final words before diminishing, 'Thank you.'
A mournful agony escaped through the room as the mansion grieved the loss of its former keeper; it reached for her with wooden arms of shelving and raised the floorboards where she vanished, as if seeking her under them.  Carin cried, too, understanding the loss, and instead the arms reached for her, touching her with gentle caresses before moving backward, returning to their fixed forms.
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