Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tips Tuesday by Christine Locke

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 Since I've sworn off directly using my twitter account to market my novel, I'm coming up with some creative alternatives.  I'm certainly not the first to think of these.  Others have had some luck, and I will let you know how my attempts go.  Here are two things I'm trying out this week:

1.  Blogging in character: Carin at Mallace Mansion

I'm going to blog Carin's journal.  In my book, every woman who inherits Mallace Estate keeps  a journal.  These journals are not just for her personal reference.  They serve as guides and histories for future generations.  Since we already know at the end of Open Door that Carin will have a journal, it seems like a good project for a blog.

2.  Tweeting in character: @CarinsGriffin

And that leaves Griffin, the noble young man who loves Carin but has not entirely won her at the end of Open Door.  Griffin will be tweeting their story from the beginning--but from his point of view.

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