Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tips Tuesday: What Snowflakes & Flowers Can Do For You by Christine Locke

It's already time for another Tips Tuesday! Homeschool has begun in our house, so you KNOW I'll be brief. (Please, God, let me make it through writing and "linking" this post before somebody has another question....)

1.  A few years ago, an online friend mentioned she had written a novel using "the snowflake method."  What's that? I asked.  She sent me a link.
While it would be difficult for me to follow Randy Ingermanson's instructions exactly, I use a personalized form of this method to streamline my own process.  I'm more organized and I produce a manuscript more quickly this way.  And I find that since he begins the process by making me create a "blurb" for my as yet unwritten novel, I have go-to notes and a description ready when it's time to get that book up on KDP.  Very helpful!

2.  I use this book because it was on several lists for homeschooling parents: The Language of Flowers by Kate Greenaway.  But this is one that every writer should have on the desk (or kindle) along with Strunk & White.  If the prom date shows up at the door and gives your character yellow roses, it foreshadows jealousy and a loss of love.  But red roses...hmmm...something else, and not what I thought: a deep red rose signifies shame, while rosebuds with moss constitute a confession of love.  You could also say things about your character and setting with the flowers you place in their gardens or in vases around their homes...the possibilities are endless.  There are many versions of this book.  I linked to a kindle edition, above.  I could not find my book on amazon; it is a small edition about the size of Beatrix Potter's books for children: ISBN-10: 0-486-27372-5.

The baby's trying to eat her play dishes, so it must be time for lunch.  Off to the kitchen with me...happy writing, all!

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