Friday, August 24, 2012

Guest by Christine Locke

I'm excited my first guest post will be published later today at Heather Sutherlin's blog!  We've all read advice on what to do to be invited to guest post: be knowledgeable about the blog's subject, proofread, know a little something about the interests of the blog's owner, etc.

With Heather's blog, one thing I tried to do was give writing advice to what she described as "young" writers.  Now, you would think this would be easy, since I was one once and I also homeschool four kids who are all, in some sense, young writers.  But what we do during the day in school has more to do with grammar than creative writing.  (Which reminded me how much I would like to incorporate creative writing into our curriculum this year...but that's another post for another blog.)  So this was a bit more of a challenge than I'd expected.

Here's a little taste of what I came up with:

All my kids are writers—well, all the ones over the age of 10.  There’s something about being young and exerting your personal power through words that resonates with a bright, creative soul.  Our oldest crafted realistic fiction peopled with her friends & acquaintances; her sister wrote poetry.  Our older boy wrote a fantasy fiction series set in “Dragon World.”  My younger two girls write realistic tales about young people, one in the vein of Christian fiction and the other creating screenplays for videos she acts out using her dolls and stop-motion techniques.  I can’t wait to see what my youngest two will write!
Heather has asked me to describe my own process for young writers seeking inspiration.   I’d love to help, so here are three goals I strive to meet to make a story original and entertaining.

To read the rest, please visit Heather's blog and share it!  There are many essays by other authors and reviews of books for young readers, as well as tips for writers.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and happy writing!

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