Friday, July 27, 2012

Why I will not sell my novel on twitter (or Facebook) by Christine Locke

My twitter feed has become a most strange place.  I wish I could say it was fantastically strange, or weirdly strange, or any other such cursed adverb (you do know that adverbs are cursed, right?) which I might find inspiring.

My twitter feed is for advertising now.  And I'm ashamed to say I added to that endless infomercial.  Now, don't get me wrong: I LOVE and appreciate the company of my fellow writers.  I will not be "unfollowing" anyone who tweets their book.  But I won't be tweeting mine.  Anymore.

I realized the other day just how silly I was.  Here I am, the author of a novel that is perfect for a 14-year-old (or so) girl, tweeting various forms of "buy it!" to people who are...not 14.  Most of my twitter friends are maybe my age, maybe older, maybe younger.  I think I have some of my target audience in there (I sure hope I do!  I really want their perspective!), but I don't think any real 14-year-olds are going to buy my book from a tweet.  If they are on twitter at all.

So, I'm going to tweet about writing. I'm going to tweet about teens I find inspiring.  I'm going to tweet about the Olympics.  But I'm not going to tweet about my book unless I'm asking your advice or venting my author-ly frustrations.  I'll tweet a little to say I've finally finished the new book (when I do...oh, golly...IF I do...), or I'll tweet if I'm giving one away--maybe.  Not even sure about that.

The upshot is this: I'm looking for interaction, not a transaction.

Same goes, all of the above, for Facebook--oh, except I am "friends" with teen girls there.  I'm friends with their mamas, and I guantee they are NOT going to buy my ebook because I used social media to heckle their babies about it. 

So, no matter how tempted I might be, no matter how badly my fingers itch when I watch my amazon rank fall 50,000 places in one day, no matter...I WILL NOT TRY TO SELL MY BOOK ON TWITTER.  Now I'm going to go write that 500 times.

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