Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tips Tuesday by Christine Locke

Very short post this time, I know, but I have picked up a few worthwhile tidbits this week:

1.  Catherine, Caffeinated

Have you seen this bog?  It's full of excellent "self-printing" advice from an indie writer who doesn't like ebooks and is not afraid to admit it.  Here's a link to all her posts about self-publishing.  Wow!  What a treasure trove!

2.  Paragraphic Designs

These are gorgeous, premade book covers.  Truly some of the most beautiful I've seen.

3.  Wattpad

Have you joined this site yet?  It sounds like a great place to share writing for the YA crowd.  However, if you just need a quick cover to post somewhere like Wattpad or Open Salon, one of the "clubs" to check out is The Book Cover Club.  I linked to an entry there, "Very Basic Bookcovers" --SO helpful if you've never had to figure out how to make a "cover" from a photo.

Happy Writing!

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