Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tips Tuesday: Changing Your KDP Details, Author Central Foreign Pages & Kindlegraph by Christine Locke

1.  Did you know you need separate author pages on amazon for the UK, France and Germany?  I didn't!  The "Congratulations!" email that KDP sends you when you first publish with them details this, but you have to scroll down to see these links when you read the email on a cell phone (as I did), so I missed them.  Here are the links to set up your foreign author pages:

2.  If you cannot change your book's description on KDP, if you have tried to change your book's information without success, if it seems that amazon will not update your book's details, then try doing it through your Author Central account.  I followed KDP's instructions four times with no results until KDP Customer Service said that because I had entered my book's description through Author Central, I would have to make future changes there.  I love KDP and I have long been a fan of amazon.  One tiny change I would recommend that they make, however, is please tell those of us with Author Central pages that we have to make our changes there!

3.  Kindlegraph allows you to digitally autograph books for your kindle readers!  Their introductory video clearly explains the process, and it is very easy to enroll your book.  I've always thought it's a little sad not to be able to ask an author to sign their ebook, and now we can!  You can either use a signature in the sites cursive-looking font, or use your mouse to create and save your own.  We already have virtual book tours through blogs.  This opens up possibilities for virtual book signings....

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