Sunday, July 15, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday by Christine Locke

Here's a new idea from a friend: six sentence Sunday.  I'll share a brief (guess how long?) excerpt from my first novel, Open Door, as a quick break from my writing streak (almost 1200 words so far today!).  I hope you enjoy it, but it will have the added benefit of reminding me that I have managed to finish one of these projects before...have fun!

"'...Come to them when they are together in this house.  I invite you.  Anne Mallace'
            Matthew called the doctor and closed up the mansion.  He filed papers and made certain inquiries.  Always, in the months that followed, Matthew Thomas kept the final words of Anne Mallace in the breast pocket of his suit.  Through all that would happen, he pondered her requests, and he watched."
Back to the grind for me.  I'm hoping to have the second novel, In Time, out before my children need to get back to school.

Thanks to fellow writer and blogger, Susan Buchanan, for the idea!


  1. Ravyn shot out from her hiding place. “No! Stop! Please!”
    The ruby head snapped in her direction, wild golden eyes locking on Ravyn. Acrid smoke plumed from flaring nostrils.

    Six sentences from the middle of Return of the Crown. : )

  2. Hi Christine,
    nice! saying anything in 6 sentences would be beyond me. I have enough trouble with 140 characters :))
    Told you I'd stop by so here I am xoxo